Landing Page Relevancy

Landing Page Relevancy

The Importance of Landing Page Relevancy


Our client offers magazine subscriptions to an online audience. Before working with us, the client had a search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in place in an effort to target consumers — but the campaign was not performing well and was resulting in little to no brand recognition.

The client’s non-brand campaign metrics were well below efficient industry standards. With low conversion rates for the broad-match keywords that made up the non-brand, there was significant room for improvement.

How We Helped

Based on research, we know that keywords including “Gardening Magazine,” “Diet Cooking Magazine” and “Car Magazine” were driving the most clicks to the client’s site — but when someone clicked through the ad, they were led to the client’s entire catalog of magazines, with no available search features or functionality.

Without some relevancy in the landing page, the client was losing sales because the customers were simply overwhelmed with all the magazines available.

To handle this issue, we designed a series of landing pages that were relevant to the top volume-driving keywords. It was a relatively simple job — but it made a huge difference for the client’s conversion rates.

The End Result

Before implementing the new landing pages, the client’s conversion rate — meaning the percentage of users who are clicking the ad and actually buying something — was .94 percent.

Following the change, the conversion rate jumped to 2.1 percent, representing a 123 percent increase in conversions.

With more functionality and landing pages that were tailored to the customer’s desires, the client was able to drive quality traffic to relevant pages, where they would find what they wanted and would purchase the magazines.