e-Commerce and Amazon

E-Commerce Client: A Huge ROI in an Effort to Compete with Amazon


Our client is an e-commerce brand that sought us out for help with search engine marketing, sponsored social content, and programmatic display ads.

The Challenge

Like many brands, the client was struggling to compete with Amazon.com, where customers received free 1- or 2-day shipping on millions of items. The team was finding that people were becoming loyal to the Amazon brand and not the specific product line.

To help, we endeavored to analyze the client’s business and profits, to determine if they could offer similar pricing with fast, free shipping.

The Solutions

Once we were sure that entering the e-commerce marketplace would be profitable and comparable, we turned to tools including specific messaging, Google shopping and audience targeting. The aim was to achieve targeted, efficient sales as opposed to high-level sales, with the idea that slow and steady growth in sales and efficiency would outperform a strategy of rapid sales growth.

The messaging included multiple value propositions of the company and brand, with less-detailed descriptions of the actual products. The aim was to capture users who have already made it down the search funnel and know what product they want, so that we could also grab their attention during the “where to buy from” step.

The client’s Google Shopping campaigns, meanwhile, were connected to highly-detailed data feeds. We used highly-strategic product titles, using the most important descriptive words from left to right. For example, one product was titled “Organic Anti-Aging Cream.” Each product description was keyword-heavy, while landing pages were content-heavy.

In terms of audience targeting, each product had its own niche, with a focus on demographics, interest and online behaviors.

The Results

As hoped, the results were slow and steady growth – but in impressive numbers. Our efforts helped to increase the client’s revenues by 56 percent, with an overall return on investment (ROI) of 123 percent.