What’s in Your Digital Tool Box?

What’s in Your Digital Tool Box?

There are so many options for software and platforms, how do you know what to use, when to use it and is it worth the cost?

CT Marketing Team uses a variety of tools and software. What do you really on?

Free Tools – The engine UI’s offer great solutions to manage accounts without any cost. The largest down side of the UI’s is the limited ability to bulk upload changes. However, they offer Offline Editor programs that pick up the slack in this area.

Management Platforms – Marin? Kenshoo? Acquisio? Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO)? DoubleClick Search? We chose Acquisio. The reporting feature can’t be beat! Daily, Weekly & Monthly reporting can consume valuable time, that can be spent on optimizing campaigns. They offer automated bidding, which is also a time saver. We still rely manual decision making for bids, but love the ability to just review the suggestions.

Other Tools – We love using WordStream’s “PPC Work Week”! It provides a great snapshot of the account and highlights exactly what and where we need to focus our efforts on.

Last but not least, we use SEMrush for all competitor insights, Keyword Research and Ad Copy Research. This is a great tool for analyzing and monitoring all digital channel activity.

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