When starting a pay-per-click campaign, you naturally focus on targeting, ad copy and getting consumers to click on your ad. These are important factors that can help you get the most out of your PPC budget, but if your website isn’t ready for your PPC campaign, you are throwing money away. What happens after consumers click determines your return on your investment.

Website Speed

If your website does not load in three seconds, half of your visitors will leave, regardless of how they discovered your website. That’s 50 percent of clicks wasted on people who will never convert.

Aligning Your Site’s Goals with Your PPC Goal

If you website’s goal differs from your PPC objective, you’ll lose out on reaching both goals. If you run a PPC campaign to increase sales, consumers who click on your ad should land on a page of merchandise for sale, not a page encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter.


If a person clicks on one of your AdWords mobile PPC ads, your website has to be responsive, not just mobile-friendly. If your website does not adapt to the users screen size, they money you’ve wasted the money paid for the click because the visitor will become frustrated and leave.

Getting your website ready for your PPC campaign is about increasing your ROI and not wasting those all-important clicks.


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