The Benefits of Working With a SEM Agency for Your Business

The Benefits of Working With a SEM Agency for Your Business

Growing a business in today’s market requires the ability to relate to potential customers not only locally and offline, but also online with the use of digital marketing and search engine optimization. Working together with a SEM agency is highly recommended to get any business off of the ground, regardless of the industry you are working in.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

One of the major benefits of working with a SEM agency for your business is the ability to improve search engine optimization for your company’s official website along with your brand altogether. Improving search engine optimization, or SEO in the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing is a way to reach more users in less time, ultimately saving on advertising costs and investments. Implementing PPC advertisements into a campaign you are running for your company with the assistance of a SEM agency is another method to boost visibility in search engines related to specific keywords you have selected for the campaign itself. Improving the SEO of any website or brand is essential not only to garner more visitors and potential consumers, but also to build and establish credibility, authority, and legitimacy regardless of the market or industry you are working in and represent.

Reach a Targeted Audience

An important factor to consider when working with a SEM agency is the opportunity to reach and appeal to a wider targeted audience and demographic. Whether you are selling services or providing a niche product, a SEM agency is able to target specific demographics and audiences that are most likely to respond positively to the campaigns you pay for by returning revenue and earnings to your business. Reaching a targeted audience is not only preferable but necessary in various markets that may be considered saturated online or popular on their own. The more targeted an ad campaign is, the easier it is to reach those who are truly interested in seeing what you have to offer while entrusting themselves with your business and its reputation.

Understanding the benefits of incorporating PPC and digital advertising with the help of a SEM agency is a way to outshine potential competition while establishing a name for your business and what it has to offer. By working with professionals who truly understand the ins and outs of online marketing it has never been easier to reach the target audience or demographic that is ideal for your business.

CT Marketing Solutions is a Boutique Agency that can assist business of all sizes!


We Are CT Marketing Solutions

We Are CT Marketing Solutions
Being in business in the computer age can be very frustrating. You might not be used to what all needs done, because it is very different today. Since all businesses have had to go through a huge change, we know that some people may need some help getting their businesses up to par. Have no fear, because we can handle it.

At CT Marketing Solutions, we are your Digital Marketing Consultants, and we specialize in PPC, e-Commerce Shopping Campaigns, Programmatic Display and Sponsored Social. We are here to help you in any way we can, and our service is professional and congenial. With all of our combined experience, we have the solutions for you, so that you don’t have to worry. Just talk to us about what you are looking for, and we can put a plan together for you that you will love. In no time, you will see excellent results from your efforts.

SEM Agency, Which Stands For Search Engine Marketing Agency

We know how to get your company or individual business pulled up in the search engines. Our team of professionals are very practiced at this, and we will use our expertise to get you pulled up quicker in the results on the search engines.

Digital Advertising And Digital Marketing

With both digital advertising and digital marketing, you will be well on your way to success. You can always get both to be on the safe side, and to have everything covered. There are many ways that we can boost your overall tactics for you. In other words, get your name out to a lot more people, and that way, you have more of a chance of turning them into customers, not just lookers on the Internet. You want to be able to convert them over to you, and that is called,
good business”.

We want you to do well, and we know for a fact, that with are help, you will even do better than that. You will enjoy the way we conduct business, because with us you are more than just an opportunity, you are person that knows what you want. In order to help you the most, just tell us what you are looking for, and we can figure out the rest to give you the most that you can get for your business or personal needs.

SEM Agency & Your Business

SEM Agency & Your Business
We know that you have a business you need to run, and we know that it can be very hard for you to run that business when you do not have all available resources. The largest resource being time! There are a lot of things to consider from the digital presence to the digital marketing channels (including PPC ads). We have provide digital marketing consultations this for many customers throughout the years, and we can take this task off your plate so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

The website you have created is a place where customers visit, and that is where many people with get their “first impression” of your business or service. Your website is easy to access, but you need digital marketing programs that will bring awareness to your brand or business.

There are many business we can help grow their digital presence and expand brand awareness. We have tools and experience to get results you want.
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Digital Marketing Solutions Provided to Enhance SEO

Digital Marketing Solutions Provided to Enhance SEO

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer considered a cost to a business, but rather a prime investment with a huge multiplier effect. Small businesses can take advantage of opportunities provided by SEO to create responsive websites that will drive sales, explore new markets, build better ranking brands and stay updated on new digital media marketing solutions. Digital marketing is crucial in business, because it entails the promotion of a brand or product using diverse electronic media platforms.

CT Marketing Solutions is a leading digital media marketing consultant that provides cutting edge solutions in areas such as e-Commerce shopping campaigns, Pay-Per-Click marketing, sponsored social and programmatic display. As premier digital marketers, we also monitor and analyze things that people view to establish the content and strategy that works. Our strategy places strong emphasize on: defining strategic approach; performance improvement; local data and infrastructure and integrating customer communication and experience.

The Digital Media Marketing Solutions
Digital media permeates all facets of our existence, because today’s consumers need information when and wherever they want it. This is the reason why digital media have become the leading source of social interaction, news, shopping and entertainment. In broad terms, digital marketing covers outlets such as the internet, TV, mobile apps, electronic billboards and mobile instant messaging. According to Sas Institute, digital marketing can influence how people perceive a brand.

For this reason, corporations can use this platform to target specific audiences without wasting resources. The other benefit stems from the ability to reach out to a wide audience, in spite of challenges brought about by the existence of high data volumes, proliferation of digital channels, and cutthroat competition. Some of the key components of successful digital media marketing include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

a). Search Engine Marketing
SEM is an important internet marketing tool that well-adept firms often deploy to gain web traffic. The strategy involves buying search engine ads on popular search engines. Because of increased competition, a company that hires a SEM agency will only do so after weighing the value the agency will add to his or her business. It is also important to note that SEM is constantly changing, as such companies looking to succeed through this strategy must learn to adapt.

According to Search Engine Land, SEM agencies are already facing stiff competition from Goggle AdWords, which has been enhanced to give advertisers an edge when it comes to pushing sales. The add-ons and enhancements include Product Listing Ads, Enhanced Campaigns, listing of fewer per page ads and use of Dynamic Search Ads. As a leading SEM agency solutions provider, we have clearly spelt SEM management process and transparency tools designed to maximize the benefits accorded by search engines.

b). Pay-Per-Click
PPC is often classified as a component of SEM. This internet marketing strategy allows advertisers to make payments every time someone clicks on their ads. Examples of PPC platforms include Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads. Using Pay-Per-Click, digital media advertisers can add links with targeted keywords on strategic search engine locations.

CT Marketing Solutions has highly experienced Pay-Per-Click marketing experts, who will help you align your keywords correctly to obtain desired impressions. Our strategy takes into context key elements such as; the relevance of the keyword, landing page quality and quality score. We also offer keyword research and continuous Pay-Per-Click keyword refinement.

Our Service Advantage
The new digital marketplace requires a high level of professionalism and competence. At CT Marketing Solutions, we help our clients develop an excellent marketing strategies that will grow business and enhance the competitiveness. Email us today for immediate assistance.


What’s in Your Digital Tool Box?

What’s in Your Digital Tool Box?

There are so many options for software and platforms, how do you know what to use, when to use it and is it worth the cost?

CT Marketing Team uses a variety of tools and software. What do you really on?

Free Tools – The engine UI’s offer great solutions to manage accounts without any cost. The largest down side of the UI’s is the limited ability to bulk upload changes. However, they offer Offline Editor programs that pick up the slack in this area.

Management Platforms – Marin? Kenshoo? Acquisio? Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO)? DoubleClick Search? We chose Acquisio. The reporting feature can’t be beat! Daily, Weekly & Monthly reporting can consume valuable time, that can be spent on optimizing campaigns. They offer automated bidding, which is also a time saver. We still rely manual decision making for bids, but love the ability to just review the suggestions.

Other Tools – We love using WordStream’s “PPC Work Week”! It provides a great snapshot of the account and highlights exactly what and where we need to focus our efforts on.

Last but not least, we use SEMrush for all competitor insights, Keyword Research and Ad Copy Research. This is a great tool for analyzing and monitoring all digital channel activity.

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e-Commerce and Amazon

E-Commerce Client: A Huge ROI in an Effort to Compete with Amazon


Our client is an e-commerce brand that sought us out for help with search engine marketing, sponsored social content, and programmatic display ads.

The Challenge

Like many brands, the client was struggling to compete with, where customers received free 1- or 2-day shipping on millions of items. The team was finding that people were becoming loyal to the Amazon brand and not the specific product line.

To help, we endeavored to analyze the client’s business and profits, to determine if they could offer similar pricing with fast, free shipping.

The Solutions

Once we were sure that entering the e-commerce marketplace would be profitable and comparable, we turned to tools including specific messaging, Google shopping and audience targeting. The aim was to achieve targeted, efficient sales as opposed to high-level sales, with the idea that slow and steady growth in sales and efficiency would outperform a strategy of rapid sales growth.

The messaging included multiple value propositions of the company and brand, with less-detailed descriptions of the actual products. The aim was to capture users who have already made it down the search funnel and know what product they want, so that we could also grab their attention during the “where to buy from” step.

The client’s Google Shopping campaigns, meanwhile, were connected to highly-detailed data feeds. We used highly-strategic product titles, using the most important descriptive words from left to right. For example, one product was titled “Organic Anti-Aging Cream.” Each product description was keyword-heavy, while landing pages were content-heavy.

In terms of audience targeting, each product had its own niche, with a focus on demographics, interest and online behaviors.

The Results

As hoped, the results were slow and steady growth – but in impressive numbers. Our efforts helped to increase the client’s revenues by 56 percent, with an overall return on investment (ROI) of 123 percent.

Landing Page Relevancy

Landing Page Relevancy

The Importance of Landing Page Relevancy


Our client offers magazine subscriptions to an online audience. Before working with us, the client had a search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in place in an effort to target consumers — but the campaign was not performing well and was resulting in little to no brand recognition.

The client’s non-brand campaign metrics were well below efficient industry standards. With low conversion rates for the broad-match keywords that made up the non-brand, there was significant room for improvement.

How We Helped

Based on research, we know that keywords including “Gardening Magazine,” “Diet Cooking Magazine” and “Car Magazine” were driving the most clicks to the client’s site — but when someone clicked through the ad, they were led to the client’s entire catalog of magazines, with no available search features or functionality.

Without some relevancy in the landing page, the client was losing sales because the customers were simply overwhelmed with all the magazines available.

To handle this issue, we designed a series of landing pages that were relevant to the top volume-driving keywords. It was a relatively simple job — but it made a huge difference for the client’s conversion rates.

The End Result

Before implementing the new landing pages, the client’s conversion rate — meaning the percentage of users who are clicking the ad and actually buying something — was .94 percent.

Following the change, the conversion rate jumped to 2.1 percent, representing a 123 percent increase in conversions.

With more functionality and landing pages that were tailored to the customer’s desires, the client was able to drive quality traffic to relevant pages, where they would find what they wanted and would purchase the magazines.