SEM Agency & Your Business

SEM Agency & Your Business
We know that you have a business you need to run, and we know that it can be very hard for you to run that business when you do not have all available resources. The largest resource being time! There are a lot of things to consider from the digital presence to the digital marketing channels (including PPC ads). We have provide digital marketing consultations this for many customers throughout the years, and we can take this task off your plate so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

The website you have created is a place where customers visit, and that is where many people with get their “first impression” of your business or service. Your website is easy to access, but you need digital marketing programs that will bring awareness to your brand or business.

There are many business we can help grow their digital presence and expand brand awareness. We have tools and experience to get results you want.
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Landing Page Relevancy

Landing Page Relevancy

The Importance of Landing Page Relevancy


Our client offers magazine subscriptions to an online audience. Before working with us, the client had a search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in place in an effort to target consumers — but the campaign was not performing well and was resulting in little to no brand recognition.

The client’s non-brand campaign metrics were well below efficient industry standards. With low conversion rates for the broad-match keywords that made up the non-brand, there was significant room for improvement.

How We Helped

Based on research, we know that keywords including “Gardening Magazine,” “Diet Cooking Magazine” and “Car Magazine” were driving the most clicks to the client’s site — but when someone clicked through the ad, they were led to the client’s entire catalog of magazines, with no available search features or functionality.

Without some relevancy in the landing page, the client was losing sales because the customers were simply overwhelmed with all the magazines available.

To handle this issue, we designed a series of landing pages that were relevant to the top volume-driving keywords. It was a relatively simple job — but it made a huge difference for the client’s conversion rates.

The End Result

Before implementing the new landing pages, the client’s conversion rate — meaning the percentage of users who are clicking the ad and actually buying something — was .94 percent.

Following the change, the conversion rate jumped to 2.1 percent, representing a 123 percent increase in conversions.

With more functionality and landing pages that were tailored to the customer’s desires, the client was able to drive quality traffic to relevant pages, where they would find what they wanted and would purchase the magazines.




Client A: 122 Percent Better Click Through Rate

Client A was savvy to the use of search engine marketing and pay-per-click brand campaigns, but their knowledge wasn’t getting them the results they’d hoped. They’d been using the same strategies for about four years, and though the search terms they had targeted were winning in bidding auctions, it wasn’t resulting in the click through rates that brought in higher sales.

Client A needed a more targeted approach that would help them raise their brand campaign metrics and in turn boost sales.

How We Helped

Client A was already utilizing Broad, Phrase and Exact search match types to bring in new prospects. That was a good start, but they weren’t using a Silo Structure to maximize efficiency in the bidding process. Without a Silo Structure in place, Client A was essentially bidding against itself on the same keywords.

With our help, we created a Silo Structure that formed an ad group for each search match type — but also excluded the other match types for that ad group. For example, one match type was a search for the exact brand name — the “Brand Exact” match type. To make that search function successfully, we had to exclude the exact brand name from the other ad groups, including the Brand Phrase and the Brand Broad ad groups. That was done by adding a “Negative Match” field to each ad group, so that other keywords would be excluded from the search results.

All of this effort helped to refine Client A’s traffic and offer more quality impressions.

The End Result

After four years of stagnant metrics with brand search engine marketing, Client A now found some favorable new metrics. Client A’s click through rate before our work was a mere 8.33 percent; after the new approach, it was up to 18.49 percent. What’s more, the cost per click for Client A was $1.06 before; after our work it was $.70. The cost per action was vastly improved as well with a $30.36 CPA before, compared to $18.29 after the implementation.

In total, Client A’s click through rate went up by 122 percent, their cost per click went down 34 percent, and their cost per action went down by 40 percent — saving Client A big in its efforts toward search engine marketing.

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