SEM – Search Engine Management | PPC – Pay Per Click | Google AdWords

A form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through advertising (paid placements and contextual advertising).

  • SEM can also be used as assurance that you will show in a top position on Search Engine Results Pages.
  • SEM can be beneficial in branding and reaching participants looking for your nonprofit.
  • SEM is direct response marketing meaning it can be easily measured and tracked, for optimal results.


When | Where | Why

  • SEM is a reactive marketing channel. The user is on a mission to find your product, service and/or brand.
    • In order for SEM to be successful, other marketing efforts (TV, print, etc) must be active providing top funnel interest in your product, service and/or brand. These other efforts will spark interest in the user so they then “search” for your product, service and/or brand.
  • SEM is a great complimentary channel. The most efficient results of search are when the user is in the lower part of the consumer funnel.
    • Messaging (Ad Copy) can be easily tailored to compliment other marketing messages. To have a cohesive look and feel to the consumer.
      • EX – Radio ad mentions just $29 down & $29/month. The text search had should have that same offer in it.

Nuggets of Success:

  • The longer the campaigns are live the more efficient they will get. 30 – 45 days is considered a “short” amount of time.
  • Search campaigns take time to “ramp up” and perform at their best. They need to gain quality score for SERP algorithms.
  • Other media efforts have a impact on search campaign efficiency and volume
  • User experience is o key importance from the search term used, to the ad copy the user sees to the website they land on.
  • Small tweaks in Geo Location targeting, promotions offered, and landing page experience can have great impacts.

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