Is Your Website Ready For Your PPC Campaign?

Is Your Website Ready For Your PPC Campaign?

When starting a pay-per-click campaign, you naturally focus on targeting, ad copy and getting consumers to click on your ad. These are important factors that can help you get the most out of your PPC budget, but if your website isn’t ready for your PPC campaign, you are throwing money away. What happens after consumers click determines your return on your investment.

Website Speed

If your website does not load in three seconds, half of your visitors will leave, regardless of how they discovered your website. That’s 50 percent of clicks wasted on people who will never convert.

Aligning Your Site’s Goals with Your PPC Goal

If you website’s goal differs from your PPC objective, you’ll lose out on reaching both goals. If you run a PPC campaign to increase sales, consumers who click on your ad should land on a page of merchandise for sale, not a page encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter.


If a person clicks on one of your AdWords mobile PPC ads, your website has to be responsive, not just mobile-friendly. If your website does not adapt to the users screen size, they money you’ve wasted the money paid for the click because the visitor will become frustrated and leave.

Getting your website ready for your PPC campaign is about increasing your ROI and not wasting those all-important clicks.


PPC Advertising Boons

PPC Advertising Boons

PPC Advertising and Up-and-Coming Businesses

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a digital marketing approach that’s been making massive waves everywhere in recent times. Companies of all kinds turn to this advertising practice as well. If you’re thinking about taking your business up a notch, you should first try to learn all of the boons that are part of putting together a PPC campaign.

PPC Advertising Enables People to Assess Digital Marketing Campaigns Simply

If you want to be able to carefully assess the progress of your digital marketing campaign, PPC advertising can be an enormous help. This advertising empowers those who wish to determine the numbers of individuals who view their campaigns. It empowers those who wish to analyze the activities of those who take the time to click as well.

PPC Advertising Can Help Businesses Reach for the Stars

Businesses that have major ambitions can always turn to PPC advertising. This kind of advertising can help spread the word about businesses and all of the the services and products they make accessible to their target audience members. PPC can do wonders for businesses who wish to be able to evaluate their conversion objectives. This advertising can assist businesses that want people to find out about competitions, download opportunities, new blogs and more.

PPC Advertising Can Operate in a Speedy Manner

Time is always of the essence in the digital marketing world. It’s a universe that’s fast-paced and basically unstoppable. If a business is interested in swift outcomes, then PPC advertising can make an intelligent path for it. That’s because this advertising in many cases gives people rewards that are nearly instant. Other digital marketing methods often call for weeks and weeks of nonstop care and attention. Businesses that are looking to move ahead rapidly can get a lot out of in-depth PPC advertising.


The Many Benefits Of Digital Marketing 

The Many Benefits Of Digital Marketing 

Marketing is essential to the survival of any business. Without the customer being able to find out about and learn about the presence of your business or the services and products of the company, there will be virtually no chance of survival. One of the newest way that that this is happening with businesses is through digital marketing. Here are just a few of the many benefits that you can expect to receive when this form of marketing is applied.

1. In the age of information, everything is stored electronically. This means that the data the business collects from its customers can be analyzed in many different ways. It is very easy for companies to learn about what any one particular customer needs or want from your particular company. An experienced company such as SEM Agency can then help to formulate a marketing campaign based around the majority consensus on these results.

2. Another way to truly maximize digital marketing is to provide unique and interesting content with the sole purpose of displaying it on social media platforms to generate new leads. A business can only grow through the acquisition of new customers and social media is ripe with consumers who are highly responsive when the right amount of Digital Advertising is used.

3. Another older standby but still just as reliable is the PPC method of advertising on the internet. This consists of paying the advertising company a pre-determined amount whenever a company clicks on the ad and makes a purchase. This is an added incentive for the ad company to produce advertisements which are compelling enough for a decent mass of people to click on.

As you can see here, there are some great benefits to producing a solid digital marketing campaign.

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SEM/PPC One-Sheeter

SEM/PPC One-Sheeter

SEM – Search Engine Management | PPC – Pay Per Click | Google AdWords

A form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through advertising (paid placements and contextual advertising).

  • SEM can also be used as assurance that you will show in a top position on Search Engine Results Pages.
  • SEM can be beneficial in branding and reaching participants looking for your nonprofit.
  • SEM is direct response marketing meaning it can be easily measured and tracked, for optimal results.


When | Where | Why

  • SEM is a reactive marketing channel. The user is on a mission to find your product, service and/or brand.
    • In order for SEM to be successful, other marketing efforts (TV, print, etc) must be active providing top funnel interest in your product, service and/or brand. These other efforts will spark interest in the user so they then “search” for your product, service and/or brand.
  • SEM is a great complimentary channel. The most efficient results of search are when the user is in the lower part of the consumer funnel.
    • Messaging (Ad Copy) can be easily tailored to compliment other marketing messages. To have a cohesive look and feel to the consumer.
      • EX – Radio ad mentions just $29 down & $29/month. The text search had should have that same offer in it.

Nuggets of Success:

  • The longer the campaigns are live the more efficient they will get. 30 – 45 days is considered a “short” amount of time.
  • Search campaigns take time to “ramp up” and perform at their best. They need to gain quality score for SERP algorithms.
  • Other media efforts have a impact on search campaign efficiency and volume
  • User experience is o key importance from the search term used, to the ad copy the user sees to the website they land on.
  • Small tweaks in Geo Location targeting, promotions offered, and landing page experience can have great impacts.

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Sponsored Posts On Instagram Have Surged In Popularity Lately

Sponsored Posts On Instagram Have Surged In Popularity Lately

Influencers are simply people who have large enough followings to reasonably influence other people’s opinions. Another way to refer to influencers is that they are online personalities.

Instagram is home to far more influencers than any other social media platform out there. This is because brands are more easily able to stick their products’ and brands’ likenesses in users’ faces in the form of pictures and get great results from doing such.

Just last week, Instagram announced a new batch of insights that included the finding that the number of posts made by North American influencers that were sponsored by advertisers and marketers rose by a factor of 150 percent since the first quarter of 2018 for comparison.

Throughout 2018, the use of the simple hashtag #ad, which is used to inform users that they are perusing paid advertisements instead of influencers’ free, independent, positive opinions about products, brands, and services, increased by a factor of 133 percent.

Daniel Wellington is a watch company that is headquartered in Sweden. Mentions of Daniel Wellington, as a brand, not a person who uses the Instagram social media platform, were more abundant than mentions of any other brand in the one-year period ending at the end of the first financial quarter of 2019. Collectively, Daniel Wellington’s name and likeness were promoted by those influencers to the tune of upward of 20,000 times.

Instagram is also home to Stories, which is a way to share pictures and videos with followers that only lasts one day before disappearing. Stories were used 21 percent more frequently over the one-year period mentioned above. Further, videos make up about one-tenth of all Stories in the past year. Carousels contribute to 18 percent of all influencers’ content, and 71 percent of images.

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Four Ways to Benefit from PPC

Four Ways to Benefit from PPC

Learning to use PPC platforms requires much time as does learning how to effectively use them. Consequently, some businesses become discouraged with a poor initial ROI and give up. However, despite the duration and cost of the learning curve, PPC can still benefit your business. Here’s how.


After learning how to create and execute PPC campaigns, the process becomes easy. Unlike organic digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC can quickly deliver measurable results.

So, regardless of whether you’re offering a special deal, publicizing an event, to rolling out a new product, PPC can help you do the job.

Low Risk

PPC literally means pay per click. If no one clicks your ad, you owe nothing. All you must do is define the maximum amount that you want to spend.

Of course, multiple factors may explain why you don’t get clicks. For instance, you may have created a poorly designed ad. Fortunately, your ad platform provides tools that can help you improve.


Many online and offline marketing channels waste your budget indiscriminately distribute your marketing messages. On the other hand, PPC gives you precise control over who sees your ads.

Typically, PPC options may include the time of day, income, geographic location, and age. Use these tools to maximize the results you get from a limited amount of funds.


You can use the data generated by your PPC campaigns to strengthen your SEO strategy. Simply view your analytics data to see what keywords display your ads.

Your PPC data will help you uncover long and short-tail keywords that you can use to optimize your content, link structure, image names, and other SEO factors.

Bing Ads Script Expands PPC Toolkit

Bing Ads Script Expands PPC Toolkit

Recently, Bing Ads announced their new scripts for digital marketing, which automate tedious, repetitive work, much like the scripts associated with Google Ads. In fact, pasting scripts from Google into Bing Ads scripts. The new system will automatically convert the code in order to make it work within Bing. Bing’s new ad technology is still in beta form, so digital marketing experts should know a few things before adding Bing Ads scripts to their PPC toolkit.

Unfortunately, Bing Ads scripts do not support emails, labels or spreadsheets. Therefore, although Bing Ads scripts make it possible to automate much of the digital marketing process, it doesn’t yet provide a way to monitor that automation. Since monitoring automation is one of the primary human elements of digital marketing (as PPC is becoming increasingly automated), marketers must still analyze logs and running codes manually. Bing has, however, included support for software like UrlFetch, which means marketers can use their own codes to send emails and create labels.

One big benefit of using Bing Ads scripts is the unique capability to automate across multiple accounts. PPC scripts for Bing operate at the MCC and single account level. At the MCC level, Bing allows functional execution in up to 50 accounts in parallel, by using the executeInParallel() function. Google Ads provides the same accommodation, however, Bing is unique in allowing users to switch back and forth between accounts using the MCC app. This makes cross-account operations simpler and should be considered by large advertisers managing multiple accounts for one business.

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PPC Advertising Options

Making the Most Out of PPC Advertising

If you know anything about the digital marketing sector, then you may be familiar with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. PPC advertising is a rising star in the digital marketing scene. Businesses all over the United States and planet depend on PPC methods all of the time. If you’re looking to make the most out of your PPC advertising efforts, then you should test out these techniques as soon as possible.

Concentrate on the World of Conversion Tracking

It’s critical to make a point to stay on top of any and all conversions that may be taking place. The aim should be to supervise just how well your digital marketing campaign is doing. Conversion tracking has the ability to assess things that occur within designated sections of sites.

Pinpoint Your Exact Objectives

If you want to shine in the PPC marketing realm, then you need to first pinpoint your exact aims, period. The absence of a tangible objective can stop you from being able to enhance your digital marketing approach considerably.

Prioritize Keywords That Are Powerful

People who want to thrive in PPC advertising need to be aware of keywords that are tried and tested. They need to utilize them in intelligent and meaningful manners as well. Remember, rock-solid keywords can reach the individuals who are in your target audience. If you want to be able to communicate with your audience, they’re the way to go. Don’t forget to do away with keywords that never seem to work out for you, either. Those only can waste your time.

Make Engaging Advertisements

Engaging advertisements for PPC purposes can aid your efforts considerably. That’s exactly why you should aim to put together advertisements that are memorable and that can make lasting impacts. Don’t dismiss the value of fascinating ads.

PPC Strategies For The Holiday Season


Targeting holiday gift-givers with pay-per-click advertisements offers a wealth of new opportunities. If last year was a success, then stick with what resonates with your audience, however, to get more out of your PPC budget and expand your audience, try these digital marketing ideas:

Use landing pages featuring reviews to reassure a new customer that the recipient will love their surprise gift

  • Create ads with shipping date information so people will know that they can still order from you
  • Highlight generous return policies
  • Feature Cyber Monday deals
  • Feature last minute deals
  • Don’t forget to mention Christmas or Xmas in your ads
  • Create a landing page and PPC ad for secret Santa gifts under a certain dollar amount

When creating PPC ads with shipping date information and sale dates, use the countdown feature to create a sense of urgency.

The stakes are high during the holiday season. Double or triple your bids; your competitors will be doing the same thing. Consider Dynamic Search Ads to get the attention of shoppers looking for gifts that you wouldn’t consider a typical Christmas gift.

Finally, don’t forget to adjust your bids in January or you’ll see your holiday profits dwindling as your ROI tanks.

The Top 4 PPC Trends for 2019

Red 2019 On White Background, New Year 2019, 3d Illustration, Ha
PPC Trends in 2019

PPC (pay-per-click) will continue to drive ROI in 2019. Even though you are probably aware of these four important PPC trends, you need to increase your focus on implementing them in your campaigns. Mastering these digital marketing strategies will provide the best possible user experience, raising your ROI.

1. Voice Search

In only a few short years, Alexa, Siri and Cortana and other voice-controlled virtual personal assistants have become indispensable to an ever-growing number of consumers. Whether people are at home, work or on the road, they have become accustomed to speaking to Alexa or one of her sisters and receiving an immediate answer to their question. Who wouldn’t rather ask a question than type a search query?

Both your web pages and PPC content need to be updated to reflect the differences between voice and typed searches.

Instead of focusing on a single keyword, incorporate five to six word keyword phrases or sentences

  • Add “near me” to important keywords
  1. Social Search Marketing

    As Facebook prices increase, consider expanding to other platforms. If you sell B2B, for example, LinkedIn’s laser-like targeting can prove more profitable even though the cost per click is considerably higher.

    3. Target the Audience, not the Keyword

    Google will be increasing their focus on two types of consumer targeting.

    User behavior, such as which restaurants or stores someone visits frequently

  • In-market targeting, focusing on consumers who have been researching products or services before making a purchase

Personalization is definitely the future of digital marketing.

4. Video

What is the internet’s most compelling CTA (call-to-action) button? The “play” button on a video. Videos are everywhere and everyone watches them. A majority of all viewers watch at least 75% of a video. Using a short, well-crafted video in a paid ad can really boost your ROI.

Voice search, laser targeting by search engines and social media platforms, personalization and video can have a fantastic impact on your bottom line. Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

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