Influencers are simply people who have large enough followings to reasonably influence other people’s opinions. Another way to refer to influencers is that they are online personalities.

Instagram is home to far more influencers than any other social media platform out there. This is because brands are more easily able to stick their products’ and brands’ likenesses in users’ faces in the form of pictures and get great results from doing such.

Just last week, Instagram announced a new batch of insights that included the finding that the number of posts made by North American influencers that were sponsored by advertisers and marketers rose by a factor of 150 percent since the first quarter of 2018 for comparison.

Throughout 2018, the use of the simple hashtag #ad, which is used to inform users that they are perusing paid advertisements instead of influencers’ free, independent, positive opinions about products, brands, and services, increased by a factor of 133 percent.

Daniel Wellington is a watch company that is headquartered in Sweden. Mentions of Daniel Wellington, as a brand, not a person who uses the Instagram social media platform, were more abundant than mentions of any other brand in the one-year period ending at the end of the first financial quarter of 2019. Collectively, Daniel Wellington’s name and likeness were promoted by those influencers to the tune of upward of 20,000 times.

Instagram is also home to Stories, which is a way to share pictures and videos with followers that only lasts one day before disappearing. Stories were used 21 percent more frequently over the one-year period mentioned above. Further, videos make up about one-tenth of all Stories in the past year. Carousels contribute to 18 percent of all influencers’ content, and 71 percent of images.

-CT Marketing Solutions


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