PPC Strategies For The Holiday Season


Targeting holiday gift-givers with pay-per-click advertisements offers a wealth of new opportunities. If last year was a success, then stick with what resonates with your audience, however, to get more out of your PPC budget and expand your audience, try these digital marketing ideas:

Use landing pages featuring reviews to reassure a new customer that the recipient will love their surprise gift

  • Create ads with shipping date information so people will know that they can still order from you
  • Highlight generous return policies
  • Feature Cyber Monday deals
  • Feature last minute deals
  • Don’t forget to mention Christmas or Xmas in your ads
  • Create a landing page and PPC ad for secret Santa gifts under a certain dollar amount

When creating PPC ads with shipping date information and sale dates, use the countdown feature to create a sense of urgency.

The stakes are high during the holiday season. Double or triple your bids; your competitors will be doing the same thing. Consider Dynamic Search Ads to get the attention of shoppers looking for gifts that you wouldn’t consider a typical Christmas gift.

Finally, don’t forget to adjust your bids in January or you’ll see your holiday profits dwindling as your ROI tanks.


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