Recently, Bing Ads announced their new scripts for digital marketing, which automate tedious, repetitive work, much like the scripts associated with Google Ads. In fact, pasting scripts from Google into Bing Ads scripts. The new system will automatically convert the code in order to make it work within Bing. Bing’s new ad technology is still in beta form, so digital marketing experts should know a few things before adding Bing Ads scripts to their PPC toolkit.

Unfortunately, Bing Ads scripts do not support emails, labels or spreadsheets. Therefore, although Bing Ads scripts make it possible to automate much of the digital marketing process, it doesn’t yet provide a way to monitor that automation. Since monitoring automation is one of the primary human elements of digital marketing (as PPC is becoming increasingly automated), marketers must still analyze logs and running codes manually. Bing has, however, included support for software like UrlFetch, which means marketers can use their own codes to send emails and create labels.

One big benefit of using Bing Ads scripts is the unique capability to automate across multiple accounts. PPC scripts for Bing operate at the MCC and single account level. At the MCC level, Bing allows functional execution in up to 50 accounts in parallel, by using the executeInParallel() function. Google Ads provides the same accommodation, however, Bing is unique in allowing users to switch back and forth between accounts using the MCC app. This makes cross-account operations simpler and should be considered by large advertisers managing multiple accounts for one business.

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